This unique quilt design honors Mother Nature and her ‘critters’. The four corners of the quilt are tradi­tional “bear paw” block designs and represent the four seasons. It was designed by Mike Wofford and painted by Jane Harris. Since the critters, espe­cially the bear, play a major role in Wofford’s vineyard cycle, their harvest can be a surprise and chal­lenge each year – surprise snow in May reduced the quantity of Nebbiolo grapes by 50%, and the bears love to nibble on the Merlot grapes. One rascal bear accidentally dumped 500 gallons of Cabernet Sau­vignon! The family’s 15-year passion for creating beautiful wine reflects in the beauty of the vineyard and the breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada. They say: “Come for the Wine, Stay for the View”.


If you’d like to visit Wofford Acre Vineyards, it’s recommended to get a 24-hour-in-advance reservation. Requests can be made through here!


If you want to travel along the Quilt Trail of El Dorado County, click here for the map!