In Japan, there is a national holiday called Children’s Day, where children are honored and respected for their unique strengths, and happiness is wished upon them by those that treasure them.


On May 7, from 10 AM – 2 PM, come join the Children’s Day Festival at Wakamatsu’s Open Farm Day!


Join in on the fun celebrating Japanese culture with so many activities for children and adults! Take a class for Japanese folk dancing and ikebana (Japanese flower arranging), write poetry and wishes for the Tanabata tree, kite flying, children’s taiko drumming, Obon dances, and more!


Of course, you can also participate in farm tours and nature walks to enjoy the splendor of the site. Take a stroll through the native plant garden, visit the 150-year-old Keyaki tree, take a trip around the lake on the 1.5-mile trail, and much more during your visit!


Wakamatsu has so many Open Farm Days! Be sure to check their website or ask them in person about upcoming events!


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