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Harris Family Farm High Tea

The Harris Family Farm is opening for the season on June 2, and they’re inviting you to their High Tea events on July 10!   Bring your friends and loved ones to this beautiful event, where you’ll gather in an amazing orchard to enjoy sweet...

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High Sierra Iris & Wedding Gardens 2022

What better way to enjoy the springtime than to stroll through a kaleidoscope of colors and be surrounded by floral scents?   The breathtaking rainbow of flowers of High Sierra Iris & Wedding Gardens is officially open to the public! Experience the splendor of their...

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Bluebird Haven Iris Garden

Visit the Bluebird Haven Iris Garden, a Victorian show garden that can be found in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Enjoy the four acres that are decorated with a picturesque scene of wildflowers, shrubs, daffodils, trees, and iris flowers, each with colors that...

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