What was once a pear orchard sitting atop a cap of lava has been converted to a vineyard known for its distinctive award-winning wines and equally winning view. Back in the Gold Rush days, miners would search the volcanic flows to locate unearthed gravels that may have contained gold. The owners, a family of geologists, received good historical data and advice that the soil is well-suited to growing fine grapes that excel in the volcanic and granitic soils, warmed by the sun and cooled by gentle evening breezes. The vineyard is deeply rooted in its “nuee ardente,” French for volcanic “glowing cloud.”


The barn quilt, called “Summer Blooms,” was painted by Cathie Urquhart. The owners chose this design and placed it ‘growing’ in their patio wine garden because they wanted to place the quilt where it would be enjoyed by wine tasters and picnickers who are relaxing and enjoying the vineyard views.


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