“Stars & Stripes’” is a raffle quilt won by a local quilter who was excited to win, however, she didn’t have a place to hang the 4-foot square barn quilt. Her family has a patriotic history, dating back to the Civil and Revolutionary wars, so she asked the Quilt Trail Project to find a service veteran to donate it to. In a moment of inspiration, Linda George, founding member of the project, thought to approach the vet­erans associations to see if they would like to place it on their building. A presentation was made on January 7, 2016, to a full audience of several veterans’ organizations and they decided to unanimously ac­cept the kind gesture. Fact: The original quilt design was painted with a gold star. A Veteran pointed out that it was very similar to the Vietnamese flag and it was quickly repainted with due respect. The quilt was painted by Jane Harris.


If you want to travel along the Quilt Trail of El Dorado County, click here for the map!

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