“Star Fields” – Unique sites where fruit develops the optimal balance of texture, flavor, and aroma.


You could say that Starfield Vineyards has found such a place to grow their grapes.


Planted on the estate grounds in the Sierra Foothills at an elevation of 2,400 feet, their vineyards are given an ideal balance of cool nights and warm days; this allows their Mediterranean varieties to develop robust flavors and delicate aromas.


The white wines of Starfield Vineyards are barrel fermented with neutral oak in 55-degree rooms, and the lees are stirred before bottling, which gives birth to the creamy, crisp, and aromatic wines. The red wines are fermented in small lots in a combination of new, once used, and neutral American and French oak, and the use of classic winemaking techniques create the robust red wines that this particular winery is known for.


Come to Starfield Vineyards to sample some of their delicious wine (and pick up a few bottles while you’re there!)


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