The “Red Rooster” was a raffle quilt won by the Presi­dent of the El Dorado County Farm Bureau. He al­ready had a painted quilt block on his barn and since the Farm Bureau sits on the historic Headington Chicken Ranch property, it seemed appropriate to hang it on their building. EDC Farm Bureau is a local membership organization dedicated to protecting the interests of agriculture in our county. In 1917 our Farm Bureau was formed and joined the Calif Farm Bureau Federation in 1919. They currently represent some 900 member families in the county, 300 of which are actively involved in farming. The Headington Ranch has a deep history in our county all started when a lo­cal man, Roy Headington started to ‘pen-pal’ Cecilia Davies from the Bay Area. Although they married in 1928, Roy started their home the year before. Over the years the ranch grew, and Cecilia became known as the ‘Chicken Lady’. Coincidentally Cecilia joined the Farm Bureau and was a member for 40 years. She was married to Roy for 58 years. At age 85, she was se­lected as Miss El Dorado Rose in 1989 by the pioneer Medical Group Pink Ladies who originally worked at the old Pioneer Hospital. The Red Rooster was paint­ed by artist Cathie Urquhart.


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