The Kobervig family owns the choose-and-cut, 20-acre farm with White Fir, Grand Fir, Blue Spruce, and Scotch Pine. They promote fresh trees as re­newable, recyclable, and earth-friendly and are also certified as “Fish Friendly”, which means they are good stewards of streams and rivers, keeping them free of pollutants and ‘run-off’. The land was an apple and pear orchard when they started planting their trees back in 1986. The Pino Grande [large pine] narrow gauge railway ran in the region for a decade. Situated in picturesque Camino, which in Spanish means walk, path or journey, one of the joys of visiting – it always smells like Christmas.


The richly designed barn quilt showcases colors like loamy gold, deep pine, and sagebrush. Hand-painted by owner Dee Kobervig, it virtually floats beneath the tall pines at the entrance to the farm. The historic quilt pattern is called “Pine”, which is a complex kaleidoscope of nested, geometric trees.


Click here to learn more about the Crystal Creek Tree Farm!


If you want to travel along the Quilt Trail of El Dorado County, click here for the map!

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