Explore a genuine gold mine from the Gold Rush days.


The Gold Bug Park and Mine is just oozing with history and is an amazing place to visit for some fun educational activities. From the mines, to gem panning, and even to hiking, you’ll find a plethora of undertakings that are just waiting for you.


The two mines you can get tours for are the Gold Bug Mine and the Priest Mine.


The Gold Bug Mine, which was originally called the Hattie Mine, can be dated to starting all of the way back into 1888.  With its solid wood floor, the lighting that is throughout the mine, and the air shaft that provides clean and cool air all of the time, this mine is a great example of hard rock gold mining. Whether you want to go with a group in a guided tour, or enjoy a self-guided one with audio leading the way, you’ll be taking a step into actual history.


The Priest Mine got its name after a miner that could have provided Sunday services for other miners in the area. This particular mine is a hard rock mine that was completely hand-dug in the early 1850’s, and is decorated with thousands of pick marks, each telling a different part of the story of the hard work left behind. Although this mine is only available with guided group tours, it’s definitely worth it.


Other attractions in the park include Hattie’s Gold Rush Museum, which is located right above the gift shop, where there are many tools and other historic pieces from the locale. There’s also the ever-popular gem panning, where you can pan for gems and see how lucky you can get. The Joshua Hendy Stamp Mill gives you a detailed explanation on the gold extraction process from the ores that were mined.  You can visit the Meagher House, which belonged to the family that owned the mining rights to a large portion of the mines and claims in Gold Bug Park. And if you want to just go out and explore the nature that’s in the park, there are about two miles of hiking trails ready for you!


Take a step back through time at Gold Bug Park and Mine!