“Great wine, views and people! Give this new winery a try!”


“Beautiful setting and beautiful people! I wish nothing but the very best for these amazing winemakers and humans.”


“Great new addition to El Dorado Wine Country. Fantastic wines and a great host!”


These are just a few of the raving reviews left on Facebook by visitors of Field Number Fifteen.


Founded by husband-and-wife team Kenyon Elliott and Liz Kenny, this magnificent and new addition to the wine country can be found in Placerville, CA, and from what the reviews say, it’s well worth the visit.


With 20-acres to its name, the property is covered in such lush greenery and delicious produce. Fruit trees such as apples and nectarines can be found in the orchards, but it’s the variety of grapes that is truly impressive. Barbera, Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabert Sauvignon… these are but a few of the types of grapes that you can find in the vineyard, all of which are delicious and used for their wine.