Found at an 1100’ elevation in the El Dorado AVA, Chateau Davell’s Estate Vineyard is cared for with sustainable management methods, which supports the vitality of the surrounding ecosystem while eliminating the need for conventional pesticides and herbicides. In fact, this vineyard has been grown around the eco-friendly lifestyle, so much so that their bottles are created from recycled-content glass, their labels are produced with 100% post-consumer waste, and the FSC Certified corks keeps production and packaging sustainable as well!


The handcrafted wines made by the winemaker/owner, Eric Hays, are produced in very small lots, combining methods of the old-world with new-world style. Since none of the wines made here are fined or filtered, they have an amazingly pronounced flavor, bouquet, and body that can’t be found in wines that are mass-produced.


True to their family roots, the labels even feature the paintings by Eric of his family members, and you can see the original artwork used for these labels in the Tasting Room. Be sure to check them out when you come by to partake in some delicious wine!


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