The Boeger Winery estate was once homesteaded by the Fossati-Lombardo family during the 1849 Gold Rush, although they soon discovered that there was much more fortune to be made from creating products and services for the miners rather than the mining of gold itself. So, their land became a winery, distillery, and fruit and nut farm. Then in 1972, long after the last winery in the county was closed due to the Prohibition, Sue and Greg Boeger found the property and decided that it would be their home. This resulted in the Boeger Winery becoming the very first modern-day/post-Prohibition winery in the El Dorado American Viticultural Area, and has since made a name for itself for its high-quality wines and winning hundreds of awards. Be sure to stop by to pick up a few of their amazing bottles and see the beauty that is rich with pride and history.


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