Jollity Farm

Jollity Farm Goat Dairy | El Dorado County Farm Trails
Meet your dairy farmers! The goats did it! Yup, that really is how we met. Charley had goats. MaryLisa had goats. We started talking goats & cheese & still have plenty to talk about 🙂 A tale of two farms….Slate Creek Farm and Jollity Farm merged when MaryLisa and Charley got married in 2017. Folks ask about the two names, and it gets a little confusing, but we still have both farms. We operate as both Jollity Farm ~ Slate Creek Soaps and Jollity Farm Farmstead Cheese. You are welcome to stop by and visit with the goats any time we are open. They love visitors. In general, we milk the goats once a day in the morning if you want to watch the milking process plan to stop by before noon. We have a “tiny store” on site were you can sample and purchase cheeses. Our goat milk soaps and lotions are available to purchase at our tiny store or online. Contact us if you have any questions.

Our Location

5314 Marigold Mine Way
Garden Valley, CA 95633


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