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Findleton Estate Winery

Voted “Best Kept Secret in El Dorado County”, you can be sure that you’ll find high-quality wines at affordable prices made by Findleton Estate Winery. Located at a foot elevation of 3000 in the Sierra Foothills, this winery has a unique vineyard site that provides...

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Chateau Davell Winery

Found at an 1100’ elevation in the El Dorado AVA, Chateau Davell’s Estate Vineyard is cared for with sustainable management methods, which supports the vitality of the surrounding ecosystem while eliminating the need for conventional pesticides and herbicides. In fact, this vineyard has been grown...

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Boeger Winery

The Boeger Winery estate was once homesteaded by the Fossati-Lombardo family during the 1849 Gold Rush, although they soon discovered that there was much more fortune to be made from creating products and services for the miners rather than the mining of gold itself. So,...

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