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“Pine Tree” – Crystal Creek Tree Farm

The Kobervig family owns the choose-and-cut, 20-acre farm with White Fir, Grand Fir, Blue Spruce, and Scotch Pine. They promote fresh trees as re­newable, recyclable, and earth-friendly and are also certified as “Fish Friendly”, which means they are good stewards of streams and rivers, keeping...

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“Davies Cabin” – The Davies Family Inn

Shadow Ridge Ranch was originally homesteaded in the 1860’s by the Raffetto family who operated a store down the road. The family sold produce, wine that grandpa made for the gold miners during the boom times. It was alive with prospectors, weary travelers, and Italian...

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“Red Rooster” – The El Dorado County Farm Bureau

The “Red Rooster” was a raffle quilt won by the Presi­dent of the El Dorado County Farm Bureau. He al­ready had a painted quilt block on his barn and since the Farm Bureau sits on the historic Headington Chicken Ranch property, it seemed appropriate to...

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“Stars & Stripes” – Veteran’s Memorial Building

“Stars & Stripes’” is a raffle quilt won by a local quilter who was excited to win, however, she didn’t have a place to hang the 4-foot square barn quilt. Her family has a patriotic history, dating back to the Civil and Revolutionary wars, so...

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Boeger Winery

The Boeger Winery estate was once homesteaded by the Fossati-Lombardo family during the 1849 Gold Rush, although they soon discovered that there was much more fortune to be made from creating products and services for the miners rather than the mining of gold itself. So,...

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