Heavenly Ridge Farm, located in wonderful Placerville, CA, isn’t just a place that sells free-range young whole chickens; it’s a place where many animals call home.

From the Pretty Egg Laying girls and their protective Roo to guard them, you will find baby Cornish cross chicks that you can coo and adore as they swarm their mothers and fill the air with their adorable chirping.

The illustrious Sir Donald the Duck and his family live on the property to assist with weeding and pest control.
Wilbur and Charlotte, a pair of adorable and happy pigs, can play and squeal for days and days, and their personalities are absolutely captivating.

The milking goats, such as the beautiful Sofia and her equally beautiful friends, are a huge deal on the farm. Their milk is used in Heavenly Ridge Farm’s soaps and lotions; this farm is also the home of ‘Let’s Splash Soap’!

Whether it’s to pick up a chicken for dinner or to simply visit the sweet animals and listen to their calls, Heavenly Ridge Farm is a fine place to spend the day away on the farm.

Learn more about where your food comes from. Visit their Facebook Page for more information.

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