El Dorado County Farm Trails

Our association has grown to over 120 members in the “Western slope” of the county operating farms and ranches and related enterprises. Our EDC Farm Trails route was recently referred to by UC Davis as being one of “two premier farm trails in the state”. We certainly agree and wish to welcome you to explore the many unique and interesting activities and products our members have to offer.

The mission of the El Dorado County Farm Trails is to:

  • Foster and promote the preservation of the county’s small farms and ranches and to showcase their activities and products
  • Encourage the preservation of the rural atmosphere of the county and agricultural way of life
  • Sponsor and support programs which will enhance the knowledge of people of the agricultural activities and opportunities in the county
  • Unite all facets of agriculture in the county for effective representation on their behalf
  • Promote public awareness of the county’s fruits, vegetables, and other agricultural products and promote appropriate marketing activities for our members.